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 Thomas - Asif - Lars - Katrine

Thomas, Asif and Katrine started Guru Snack or Foodpower as we first called the company in 2016. We wanted to make a clean, organic, great tasting granola, without adding anything but the best organic ingredients.

In 2017 we expanded our Guru Snack Team and invited Lars along for the ride. We are so excited, because Lars is, besides being very pleasant and experienced, also the owner of the Cashew Farm Mim in Ghana. It is a family owned plantation who produces the highest quality organic cashews, and we are going to spread these wonderful kernels all over Denmark and Europe. 

We believe that food matters - good organic food matters, both for the environment, the consumers and the producers.  That's why we import all our own ingredients and why we have our own production, everything has to be done as easy and eco-friendly as possible.

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Our doors are always open - give us a call and drop by the office/kitchen for a taste and a talk....

Asif          * +45 2042 2012

Katrine      * +45 2845 1613

Thomas      * +45 2825 1613

 Lars           * + 45 6024 6251



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