Guru Snack Granola

The Granola from Guru Snack is dehydrated and only consist of organic gluten free products.

The main ingredients in all our Granolas' are sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, coco flakes.

Granola is perfect as a topping of skyr or soy yougurt to start of your day or to get extra energy in the afternoon.

Original Granola

Developed with love, the Original Granola is more than a breakfast cereal. It is an all-day take anywhere snack. For a true natural slow release energy boost and a taste that is loved by kids as well as adults, Original Granola, from Guru Snack is definitely one for your shopping basket.

Cocoa Granola

Sugar free all day energy boost. We have added Raw Cocoa and Mulberries for those seeking that chocolaty treat. Packed with nutrition, this whole foods delight will satisfy even the most ravenous of appetites. This crunchy, naturally sweetened breakfast alternative is a must for people on the go,  who care about what they feed to their body, mind and soul.


Berry Granola

Our granola deluxe with three super berries, natural proteins and fibers - all in one super tasty breakfast- lunch or afternoon snack. Just sprinkle it on top of your favorite milk, soya milk , skyr or any fruit trifle and enjoy.