MIM & Guru Snack

More than a cashew corporation...

In the summer of 2017 a special friendship started. We invited Lars Wallewik on board the Guru Snack team and thereby we also started a corporation with his family runned Cashew farm MIM in Ghana. We have access to the most beautiful organic cashews we have ever seen and we have big plans for the future.  We are hoping to visit the farm in 2018 to see how we can evolve the partnership and learn from the very professional crew at the Mim farm. 


A Danish owned farm

By the foot of the Mim mountain in Ghana, just a few hours from the capital Accre the Mim cashew farm is located. The farm employs most of the city and many families are dependent on the work they have a the Mim Farm.

High quality cashews



original - Kopi.png

Original Cashew from Guru Snack

At Guru Snack facilities just outside Copenhagen we directly import the cashews and make them into a special ingrediens for our organic granola and then 4 special variants of cashew n