The Guru Snack snack

The snack is like a cookie - only a million times better for you...

All our snacks are - for now - sold only from a jar. We are working on getting them wrapped for you to take home. See where to get them on this site.



Packed with nutrition, our flagship product grows in popularity every day and is loved and recommended by children, mums and dads. A simple, but delicious whole food snack, that can be taken anywhere giving a welcome slow release energy boost, just when you need it most.



This delicious product is the dark sinful one in our line of Cookies. “Something with chocolate flavor” was the request from our costumers. Not only did we add Cocoa for that delicious Chocolaty kick, we added Mulberries too for some added vitality and nutrition. Another simple, but tasty whole food snack, that can be taken anywhere and gives a welcome slow release energy boost.



With three super berries in one snack, you can´t get it more powerful. This cookie is packed with antioxidants and nutrition like no other snack from Guru Snack. Piquant taste of cranberries, sweetness from strawberries and color from blueberries, not only beautiful but also tasteful.